Wednesday, April 15, 2015

My Come-to-Jesus Meeting

It's runs like today that make me question why I even like running. It takes a lot of pride-swallowing, like letting go of the fact that walk breaks WILL happen, running against the wind is hard (but hey, if you're running on an outdoor track, you WILL get the tailwind that pushes you and speeds up your time on that stretch-haha), and the time sometimes feel like it drags and drags and drags. I recently started running using the Jeff Galloway Training Method, which means you alternate runs with short walk breaks. Three minutes of running, one minute of walking for me. And I can tell you that that one minute of walking ... waiting for it is like a fat kid waiting for the oven timer to go off for the cake to finish baking. It's painful. 

My mind and body had a battle today, and my mind won after 22 minutes. I paused my workout, paused and just stared out into the horizon, pacing and shaking my hands. I had a come-to-Jesus with my mind and beat it down one or two notches. My mind, after all, was the one jerk who kept me from even running TWO minutes straight before it told my legs they were tired. What a mental war! There were tears, oh yes, there were tears. But *I* won. Good thing I'm stubborn. Good thing I can swallow my pride and keep going, however long it takes, however many walk breaks I need. This whole running thing doesn't come easy for me and my huge victories may be small for many, but maybe *this* is why I love running. It challenges you in a million ways, and takes a stubborn heart and lots of come-to-Jesus meetings.

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