Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Gearing Up for Six

I'm full swing into training for the Cap City Half Marathon in Columbus, in May. I've gotta say: I never thought I'd make it this far. Quite frankly, when my brother's girlfriend/a running buddy suggested we try running it in May WHILE we were running a 5k, I thought she was nuts. I smile and nodded (and choked and gasped and whined, as again ... I was running, people-it's not a graceful thing for me). I didn't think I could really do it, what with my schedule, jobs, motivation, etc. Well, I'm on Week 5 now, and have hardly missed a day (the plague that hit our house as well as weather has really hurt). Well, technically, I'd be further as I started the Hal Higdon Half Marathon app in October, but kind of fizzled our over the craziness of the holidays.

This past weekend, my "long run" was five miles. The week prior, I ran five miles but only broken up: three at lunchtime and two at dinner time. So, technically, I had never ran that far straight through. But I did it this past weekend, with a five minute break to choke the vomit back down my throat after just two miles. It was a good run. I finally hit a comfortable pace and stride, and once I got over that blessed three mile mark that literally has plagued me since day one, I was ok. I was fine. I was great. And honestly? I wasn't even that sore. Awesome.
I took a couple of days off, in part due to the plague in my house and one day was my rest day anyway. 

So when I had to run four miles last night as part of my new increased daily mileage, I literally panicked. I tried to figure every way to get around this but had to just face it head on.

Glad I did: I did it. And ran straight through without stopping. Four miles. Boom. And then, home to crash in bed and watch "Day After Tomorrow. You know. Since I swear, our country is living out this movie with the crazy weather.

This weekend, I run SIX miles in a 10k race, right on track with my training. I have moments of self doubt, knowing what my body can do and knowing I have the potential of running more than half without stopping, but the reality is that it's going to rain, there are hills and I will undoubtedly not get sleep the night before. But I beat that little Negative Nelly down and pray for the best, knowing I'll finish it regardless if I'm fast, if I take breaks, or not.

I feel so much stronger. Like I've said before, when I think I CAN'T, I DO. :)

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