Monday, January 20, 2014

It's All in My Head ... Week 4/Day 2

Seriously. I did it. I did my measly 3.5 miles. Why was I even complaining about 3.5 miles when I did a combined five on Saturday, and four miles two weekends in a row prior to that? Like I messaged a good runner friend earlier tonight, I'm afraid of having that "bad" run. I had a GREAT running week last week, and I know that wouldn't last (nice attitude, but hey, I'm realistic and not drinking the Kool-Aid, k?). I had more anxiety about tonight's run only because I expected to fail. Yes, fail just those 3.5 miles. In my big race in May, I have 9.6 miles PAST that to overcome. And here, I'm complaining about 3.5. (I think the problem was that I had been in PJs all day. If I could've ran 3.5 miles in sweats, no bra and barefeet, there would've been no issue there.)

Running, so I've been told, is a great, big, giant mind game. I couldn't even get past the physical pain game to get to where the mind started playing a part on it, until recently, when I couldn't overcome three miles. I couldn't run three miles straight without stopping, and I've been running since June. But there was that mental block, that mental plateau, that kept me from doing it. I've beat that mean little mental plateau snot down for now, and now, I'm all, "Woo, look at me! I can run three miles straight now," as my seasoned running friends gently smile and think, "psh, I walk three miles straight faster than you." LOL! Now is just a matter of accepting I WILL have bad runs, I WILL have pain and I WILL need to just suck it up and go do it. All that over 3.5 miles. Pssssssh.
(And now, y'all know how much I weigh. Here's me: "Why, *chomping on Burger King* can't I lose weight? *Shoving fry in mouth* I mean, I just don't get it?)

P.S. Today was the first day ever, I thought I would hurl. Like, hurl over the railing and onto the unsuspecting kids playing basketball below. You know that salty taste in your mouth right before it happens? Phew. I used that mind thing again and talked my gag reflex off the ladder, but not before getting several stares from people around me.

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