Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Rough. Week 4/Days 4&5

Rough definitely describes my last two days. I haven't been sleeping well this week, and my body is feeling it. My 3.5-mile run last night was cut short by .5 miles because I.just.couldnt.go.anymore. Which makes me mad. I couldn't go .5 miles more? My legs gave up on me and even when they did, I mentally stayed in it as long as I could ... But it wasn't long enough. It's ok because I had a GREAT running week last week. I'd rather have a bad running week and then, hopefully have an amazing running week next week, including my first 10k next Saturday (God help me)! My goal for it is to run the first half, then run-walk the second half, unless, by some miracle, my feet just keep moving.
Anyway, results of my run last night:

My optional cross training tonight went ok. I needed the break from running, although I did do a mile. I THOUGHT I had a great mile and swear my pace was faster than it says it was ... I'm convinced my stupid app doesn't work. I then jumped on the elliptical for four miles. I HATE that machine but I made it my friend tonight.

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